SEALPAC’s unique EasyLid® packaging system, developed in close cooperation with Naber Plastics, provides a hermetic seal and full lid function in just one sealing process.
As such, SEALPAC not only creates the optimal requirements for consumer-friendly packaging, but also takes on responsibility in terms of sustainability.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highly reliable lid solution without separate snap-on lid
  • Significant savings in packaging materials and weight
  • Reduction in transport and storage costs
  • No additional lidding process, so savings on personnel and/or lidding system
  • True packaging innovation at retail with a clear sustainability message

Product applications: from antipasti, meat spreads, delicacies, salads and snacks, up to confectionary

EasyLid® is a registered trademark of Sealpac GmbH and Naber Plastics B.V.