Heat Sealing Packaging, Cananda joins Sealpac network

January 21/2014 Richmond/Toronto

SEALPAC, the leading supplier of modern tray sealing technology to the worldwide food industry, has added a new distributor to its global network for Canada: Heat Sealing Packaging (HSP). Heat Sealing Packaging (HSP) is a Toronto area based supplier of packaging materials and equipment and has been servicing the Canadian food processor industry for over 30 years.

HSP services the processor industry specifically in the meat & poultry, produce, dairy, bakery and confectionary markets. Heat Sealing Packaging is known for its expertise in delivering profitable results through high-quality and creative packaging solutions. An experienced and professional team are at the ready to support the needs of a challenging and ever changing Canadian food industry.

Carsten Fouquet, General Manager Sealpac USA LLC: "We are delighted to be working with HSP, who are ideally placed to service a large and growing market in which they are already well established. HSP CEO Frank Lippa and Dan Margorian, Vice-President have been working in the industry for over 3 decades and have built up a very professional company that is well respected throughout the food industry. We look forward to partnering with them".

To learn more about SEALPAC Canadian Team contact Tel: (905) 669-6770 or Email:

The SEALPAC Philosophy:

With perfect recognition of market-defining trends, SEALPAC actively converts these into innovative products, systems, solutions and services. We work closely together with leading manufacturers of packaging materials to develop consumer-driven solutions, helping you improve your production's efficiency and profitability. By identifying your specific needs, and combining market trends and developments, we work closely with you for the best solution for your individual application.